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Program Highlights

Our meeting theme is Beauty and Impact – “Beauty” speaks to the aesthetic appeal of insects and the fascinating aspects of their behavior/ecology, while “Impact” covers the influence that insects have on society as pests, impact on all other fields of research, beneficial impact for humans and nature, along with the impacts humans have on insects.


Plenary Session Speakers
Dr. Anthony Shelton
Dr. Barrett Klein
Ms. Elizabeth Goluch
Dr. Donna Hurlburt

Confirmed Symposia

  • Unearthing Underground Entities: Soil insects - Organizer: Kenna MacKenzie
  • Female Mating Failures - Organizer: Marc Rhainds
  • Graduate Student Symposium - Organizer: Chandra Moffat
  • How to complete a Biological Survey of Canada - Organizers: Felix Sperling, Dave McCorquodale

  • Insect Pests of Vaccinium Species - Organizers: Peggy Dixon, Debra Moreau
  • Pollinators and Pollination - Organizer: Cory Sheffield
  • Canadian Forum for Biological Control - Organizers: Chandra Moffat, Lars Andreassen
  • Evolution and Assembly of Insect Communities - Organizers: Stephen Heard, Gaetan Moreau

Heritage Lecture

Dan Quiring – The history of forest entomology in Atlantic Canada


Student Paper and Poster Competitions


Regular Poster and Presented Paper Sessions