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Choristeneura fumiferana L. defoliation in the
Cape Breton Highlands, 1977. Photo: Ed Kettela

Ed Kettela is a project manager with the Canadian Forest Service in Fredericton. He has spent a long career developing integrated control strategies against forest insect pests.

2011 JAM Logo

The 2011 JAM Logo was conceptualized by Janet Coombes and is based on the yin-yang symbol which reflects the intertwined duality of all things in nature. Photographs kindly provided by Jim des Rivières (IO moth), Calvin Cutler (honeybees) and Ed Kettela (spruce budworm defoliation) were used by Rick West to create the logo.



Automeris io (Fabricius).
Photo: Jim des Rivières

Jim des Rivières' stunning photos of moths in the Ottawa Valley area were on display at the Canadian Museum of Nature for several months and a 3-year travelling exhibition is planned. A visit to moths.ca is a must!



Apis mellifera L.
Photo: Calvin Cutler


Calvin Cutler was looking at a honey bee experiment his son, Chris, was conducting, and he took a few shots, being an interested, retired science teacher!